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About Australian and New Zealand Standards

The AS/NZS2053 series of standards defines strict criteria conduits and fittings sold in Australia and New Zealand and used to protect cables in electrical installations, must meet in order to claim standards compliance and provide users and consumers with a high level of confidence the that the product is fit for purpose. Testing to these standards should only be relied upon when carried out by an independent and accredited third parties.  

L&C Industrial Supplies liquid tight metallic and non-metallic conduits and fittings are manufactured to comply with the following standards:

AS/NZS 2053.1:2001

Conduits & fittings for electrical installations - General requirements.

AS/NZS 2053.8:1995

Conduits & fittings for electrical installations - Flexible conduits and fittings of metal or composite material.


the combination of these standards ensures:

  • The internal diameter of the conduit provides the expected carrying capacity

  • The construction is free from burrs, defects or sharp edges that could damage a cable

  • The conduit has sufficient resistance to compression to ensure a Heavy-Duty rating

  • The combination of the conduit and fitting demonstrates excellent pull-out strength to ensure a safe installation

  • The conduit shows no signs of wear despite 5000 flexings at the rate of 40 per minutes

  • The conduit can maintain its Heavy-Duty rating at the maximum heat stress of 80 degrees Celsius

  • The conduit is non-flame propagating

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